Building positive landlord-tenant relationships: Best practices from Auckland property managers

13 October 2023

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It’s essential for property managers and landlords to build positive relationships with their tenants - this makes the job easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Additionally, it can lead to longer tenancies with respectable tenants and fewer disputes.

When you join Hammond & Co Property Management, we build better relationships with your tenants for you. With that said, if you do have contact with your tenants, there are a number of things you can do to strengthen your relationship and ensure they are happy.

What you can do to ensure your landlord-tenant relationships are effective and positive.

Be responsive. If your tenants have a question or any concerns, be sure to respond promptly. This shows you value their time and that you are committed to providing them with an effective and efficient service.

Tenants can become easily frustrated if they bring up an issue and it remains unaddressed for an extended period of time. Leaving a problem unresolved can trigger larger issues and result in tenants ending their tenancy.

Be fair and consistent. Treat all of your tenants fairly and consistently. This means applying your rental policies and procedures equally to all tenants This will aslo ensure they do not feel discriminated against or unfairly treated.

Be respectful. Treat your tenants with respect, even if you have disagreements. Remember that they are your clients and how you communicate with them can impact your reputation for the better or worse - - tat treat them how you would want to be treated.

You should be respectful of their culture or lifestyle. New Zealand, and Auckland in particular, prides itself on being diverse and welcoming to all cultures and you will find tenants from a vast range of backgrounds residing here. ,  New Zealand has a number of laws that govern landlord-tenant relationships, including discrimination against potential and current tenants based on irrelevant personal information.

Be professional. Apply professionalism to all tenant related matters, even if you already have a cordial relationship. This means communicating clearly and concisely, having timely responses, and upholding your responsibilities.

Be transparent. Make sure you are transparent with your tenants about relevant information that they should know. This includes their rent prices, their lease agreement, your property’s Healthy Homes status, and their rights and responsibilities. This will help to avoid misunderstandings or breaches of your own rights as a landlord in the future.

Use a written lease agreement. A written agreement is essential for protecting both you and your tenants. The lease agreement should clearly outline the terms of the tenancy, including the rent amount, the lease term and the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

A written agreement will make it easy for you and your tenant to see what you are responsible for. If you work with us at Hammond & Co, we can help you create an agreement that both you and your tenant are happy with.

Be willing to resolve disputes amicably. If a dispute arises between you and your tenant, be willing to resolve it amicably. Our Hammond & Co property managers will act as a mediator between you and your tenants to ensure that the interaction goes well for both of you.

Provide accessible resources. Some tenants may need additional resources and support. Resources can give tenants access to the information they need when they need it.

For example, on our Hammond & Co website, you’ll find useful information and resources for both landlords and tenants. Our tenants section has plenty of details that can help them understand the rental process and what they can expect from us.

Communicate regularly. Communication is key to any positive relationship. Make sure to communicate regularly with your tenants, both verbally and in writing. This will help keep you on the same page and avoid misunderstandings. Regular communication should include notifying tenants of their routine property inspections and ensuring to respond swiftly to any concerns they may raise.

Be available. Your tenants should know that you, or our Hammond & Co team, are available to them when they need assistance. Make sure they know who to call or message if they have any concerns about their property.

Work with Hammond & Co to make sure your properties are managed successfully

Along with the helpful tips listed above, one of the best ways to improve your landlord-tenant relationship is to work with Hammond & Co. Managing your properties and tenants on your own is challenging and time-consuming - let us give you back the value of your own free time and ensure your tenants are well-cared for. 

You can reach our team on +64 9 360 9898 or send us a message through our site’s contact page for more information.


Gina Colcord

Business Manager

Gina Colcord is an experienced Business Manager in property management with over 15 years of experience. She has worked across various property types and has been recognised for her achievements, including being a finalist for the REINZ Business Development Manager Award in 2020 and previously winning the LJ Hooker National Award for Best Property Investment Management in NZ.