National's 100-day action plan - housing and infrastructure

3 April 2024

Housing New Zealand

The National-led government has just released its 100-day action plan (April 2024), which details a number of upcoming changes to deliver more effective housing and infrastructure in New Zealand. 


As per their policy document, the Government has drafted a number of steps to undertake within the next 100 days. These include:


Going for housing growth

National will begin work on the Going for Housing Growth policy, which aims to build infrastructure, expand the supply of housing, and provide flexibility for councils over MDRS standards.

The Government’s Housing Growth plan aims to fix the country’s housing shortage while making it easier for developers to fund infrastructure. As part of the plan, National will implement a $1 billion fund for Build-for-Growth incentive payments for councils that deliver more new housing in the market. Effectively immediately, councils in all major cities and towns throughout the country will be mandated to zone land covering 30 years of housing demand.

You can view National’s full Housing Growth plan and policy document here


Build-to-Rent housing 

The National-led government aims to make Build-to-Rent housing easier by amending the Overseas Investment Act 2005. 

Build-to-Rent refers to mid- to high-density residential housing developments, specifically for long-term renting. It includes the development of multi-unit rental properties by developers and investors, commonly financed by institutional capital. The initiative seeks to increase quality housing supply and affordability in the market. 

Visit the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to read more.  


Kāinga Ora

The Government will begin their Kāinga Ora clean-up and commission an independent review of the agency's procurement, financial situation, and asset management. 

Kāinga Ora was initiated in 2019 as an amalgamation of Housing New Zealand and acts as a social housing landlord for Kiwis in need. The debt-stricken agency has seen a flurry of media coverage since its inception, most recently canning its latest controversial social housing development due to financing issues and public backlash.

You can read more about Kāinga Ora  via their official website.


Other points detailed in National’s action plan for housing and infrastructure include: 

  • Establishing regional requirements for flash floods and Cyclone Gabrielle recovery in conjunction with communities and local Councils. 
  • Put forward additional Orders in Council to speed up the recovery process for flooding and cyclone damage. 
  • For social housing, implement a priority one category that will see families moving out of emergency housing and placed into permanent homes faster. 
  • Put in place the building blocks to establish a National Infrastructure Agency. 
  • New legislation to mandate the approval of product systems and building materials that meet international standards equivalent to New Zealand. 
  • Issue a draft Government Policy Statement on National’s public transport projects and Roads of Significance.
  • Begin work to replace the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022 and end the previous Labour government’s blanket speed limit reductions. 
  • Remove central government in relation to the failed Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme from the Labour government. 
  • Terminate the Auckland Light Rail project initiated by the Labour government. 
  • Repeal the Three Waters legislation from Labour. 
  • Put in place a fast-track consenting regime, repealing the Resource Management Act (RMA) 2.0 legislation. 
  • Kickstart efforts to double New Zealand’s renewable energy production. 
  • Cease all work on the Lake Onslow pumped hydro scheme from Labour. 


Gina Colcord

Business Manager

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