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Hammond & Co is a specialist residential property management company in Auckland with industry-leading expertise in the management of long-term rental properties. We work with all types of investors, including experienced investors with large portfolios, individual owners with a handful of properties on their books, and those just getting started in the residential property investment and rental market.

We offer professional property management and consulting services to deliver on your specific requirements. While our services are customised, we have robust and tested processes underpinning everything we do on behalf of our clients. Our property management consulting services eliminate the unknowns and remove the complexities of owning rental properties.

Hammond and Co Property management process 2

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Why use a property management company?

There are two primary methods of managing residential rental property in your portfolio. The first option is self-management. Personally responsible for all communications, marketing, viewings, tenant vetting, letting, rent collection, urgent repairs, property inspections and maintenance, among other tasks, this approach demands considerable time and energy. Everything is then amplified based on the number of properties you own.

Remaining in compliance with relevant legislation is another essential requirement. Given the continued tightening of rules for landlords, compliance risks are a factor that cannot be ignored. For those with the necessary resources and time, self-management can work. Otherwise, the benefits of managing one’s own rental property do not stack up.

The alternative is to engage professional property management services.

Whether you own rental properties in Auckland or elsewhere, a property management company will look after the day-to-day tasks of managing your property. At Hammond & Co, our primary objective is to elevate your returns by providing expert services and rental property advice to optimise your portfolio, keeping you ahead of the rental property market. And we ensure consistent returns and asset protection through our comprehensive tenancy management process.

Improving your returns

Successful rental property ownership involves protecting your asset and achieving consistent returns. At Hammond & Co, this is our specialty. Our primary objective is to ensure the current market value of your property is realised with a long-term, trustworthy tenant. In particular, we have effective processes and procedures in place that minimise, or often eliminate, the period of time between tenancies. This includes tried and tested marketing strategies, end of tenancy and new tenancy application processes. In fact, we can often eliminate this time entirely.

A professional property management company can help elevate your returns by providing expert consulting services. Our services include conducting regular, well-researched accurate rental appraisals, providing information on the rental property market, and giving strategic investment advice on opportunities that exist.

Reducing your risk

As with all types of investment, owning residential rental properties is not without risk. Those risks include:

Financial risks – from not charging the right level of rent, to having a vacant property for an extended period of time, negative returns can result in having expenses but no income. At Hammond & Co, through our extensive industry experience, we minimise financial risks to deliver maximum rental returns.

Tenant risks – rent arrears (overdue rent) and disputes can occur for a range of reasons. They are a risk that should be proactively mitigated to minimise any impact on rental returns. Hammond & Co reduces tenant risks through our effective tenant screening processes, and by following up promptly with tenants when payment dates are missed.

Investment property risks – your property must be well-maintained to optimise its rental value and protect your asset. Effective upkeep minimises repair and maintenance costs too. At Hammond & Co, we mitigate investment property risks through regular inspections, trusted maintenance relationships, and the active management of tenancy agreements.

Legislative compliance risks – with ongoing government scrutiny around healthy homes standards and the rental sector in general, the law regarding rental properties is increasingly complex, impacting on your obligations as a rental property owner. At Hammond & Co, our property management experts have in-depth knowledge of the legislation that applies in your circumstances, safeguarding you to ensure you remain compliant.

Making your life easier

Dealing with rental properties requires effort, energy, time, and expertise to handle everything from tenant advertising to viewings and interviews, emergency maintenance to legislative compliance and ad hoc issues such as a neighbour complaint. By choosing our property management services in Auckland, the Hammond & Co team will look after all aspects of your rental property portfolio.

Making rental property investment decisions also takes time, including to gather the necessary level of property market insight. At Hammond & Co, we provide investor-focused information and analysis to assist with this decision-making process.

Why Hammond & Co?

We are dedicated to delivering a personalised property management experience that achieves consistent returns for your rental property portfolio. Working in partnership, our responsive service ensures your individual needs and goals are met. Whether you have a large property portfolio or are just starting your property investment journey, here is what you can expect when you partner with us:

Consistent returns to ensure a steady income stream from your property investments.

Surety of service so you won’t have to worry about any aspect of the management of your rental properties.

Expert advice to help you maximise your rental returns and remain in compliance with rental property legislation.

Our comprehensive suite of property management services is available to all property owners within central Auckland and the greater Auckland region, so we are the property management company that can deliver on your requirements. These services include:

  • Rental appraisals
  • Legislation compliance advice and support
  • Strategic marketing of vacant and soon to be vacant properties
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • Property inspections
  • Responsive owner and tenant communications
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Financial reporting
  • Online owner’s portal with 24/7 access to information on your rental properties

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