Our rental property management services

Hammond and Co Rental property management

Get complete peace of mind with the rental property management services that we offer at Hammond & Co. Landlords across Auckland trust us to find new tenants, look after tenancies, property maintenance, property refurbishment, and all finances related to these tasks.

You will benefit from the convenience and hassle-free nature of our rental property management service, giving you confidence that everything is being comprehensively and expertly handled. You can also expect consistent returns from your rental properties, through our exacting property management process.

This includes everything from finding the right tenant, to setting the right rent, to caring for your property and ensuring it is properly maintained.

Hammond and Co Rental property management

It also includes providing rental property advice to optimise your portfolio and keeping you in compliance with relevant legislation.

At Hammond & Co, we have experience managing rental properties for a wide range of investors and property owners. This includes investors with diverse portfolios as well as those with one or two properties. We can also help if you are getting started in this field and are looking to make your first investment. Our expert advice will be invaluable to your plans.

To find out if you are fully realising the maximum return on your rental property and learn more about our exacting service standards, complete the rental appraisal form below.

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Expertly managing your Auckland property

Our property managers work closely with clients to ensure you get consistent returns on your investments. As industry experts, our range of services are extensive and diverse, including:

Free rental appraisals

We carry out a rental appraisal for your property as our first step. We will then regularly assess your rental returns in comparison to the market to ensure we are realising your property’s potential.

Marketing vacant properties

We use tried and tested marketing strategies to quickly find potential tenants for your properties that are either currently or soon to be vacant.

Tenant selection

We thoroughly vet potential tenants before making a recommendation based on your requirements.


Our team regularly inspect your rental properties to ensure they are being properly cared for, ensuring that your asset is well protected.

Planned and unplanned maintenance

We manage required maintenance requests from tenants in addition to planning and completing agreed maintenance work.

Comprehensive reporting

We regularly send you reporting on the performance of your property alongside market information. Additionally, your account on our owners’ portal gives you 24/7 access to information on your rental properties.

Assisting Auckland landlords with their property portfolios

The complexities of property management are vast, as are the tasks involved for successful implementation. It requires industry experience, legal knowledge, keen attention to detail, and due-diligence. It’s a time-intensive business that requires a proactive approach.

At Hammond & Co, we expertly navigate the complexities of rental property management for you. Through extensive experience, we can put time back in your hands while achieving a consistent return from your investment.  When you partner with Hammond & Co, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment portfolio, rental properties, and rental income stream are in safe hands.

Finding the right tenants

The best tenancy agreements are those that work for both the property owner and the tenant. At Hammond & Co, our ability to successfully match tenants, properties and owners is underpinned by our rigorous tenant selection procedures to ensure tenancy agreements are successful.  Through our interview and screening process, we take steps to make sure prospective tenants are both trustworthy and reliable.

Importantly, our screening process, like everything we undertake, is comprehensive and exactin. Placing the right tenant from the beginning saves time and money for all involved in the future, particularly for you as the property owner.

Protecting your property investment

Ensuring your property is properly looked after will maximise your rental and investment returns. Our strong network of trusted tradespeople complete ad hoc repairs and planned maintenance whenever required.

Hammond and Co Property Management

The Hammond & Co difference

At Hammond & Co, our service has been diligently designed to be industry-leading. We are proactive, trustworthy, honest, and committed to your success as a rental property owner in every action that we undertake.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Consistency of returns - achieving consistent returns is the goal of any long-term investment. At Hammond & Co, we work hard to ensure our owners  achieve maximum value from their rental properties.

Surety of service - we use our expertise, market-leading technology, and tried and tested processes to ensure owners receive a consistently high standard of service that is responsive to your needs.

Expert advice - we’ll provide you with customised, strategic, and informed advice to help you achieve your investment and rental property ownership goals.

Hammond and Co Property Management

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To learn more about Hammond & Co and our property management services, get in touch using our contact form below to discuss your specific requirements with one of our expert property managers, or give us a call on 0508 426 326.