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Prepping your house

When it comes to renting out your property, hiring the services of a professional real estate photographer to capture your home and its amenities is an absolute must for marketing your property. At Hammond & Co, we have our own professional photography partners who we have worked with extensively on many successful real estate photoshoots. 

When you join the Hammond & Co Property Management portfolio, your property is set up for success from the get-go. We know the importance of photography and work with you to ensure your property is showcased to its fullest potential. With that said, there are a number of things you can do to prepare your property for a photoshoot.

Hammond and Co Photography


  • Make all of the beds in the house. For effective interior design, it’s great to include multiple pillows and also throws or decorative blankets in bedrooms. Pillows should be fluffed, sheets tucked in and any wrinkles in duvets or blankets should be smoothed out.
  • For walk-in wardrobes, tidy coat hangers - if you have a mix of colours, we would suggest grouping them or opting for one colour. This gives a less cluttered look and feel.
  • If you still have items such as clothing in the bedrooms or house, ensure everything is packed away in closets or drawers where it will not be seen and remove footwear.
  • Declutter desk tops


  • For interior design purposes, consider adding fresh or fake flowers in a vase to the dining table or kitchen counter.
  • Clear countertops of clutter.
  • Ensure any trash cans are hidden from view and any rubbish has been disposed of prior to the photoshoot.
  • If your refrigerator has magnets or other items stuck to the outside door, remove these.
  • Straighten all chairs in and remove any kiddie items such as high chairs or toys.
  • Ensure dishes are packed away in cupboards.


  • Ensure the house has been cleaned from top to bottom. For the best possible results, follow our cleaning checklist here
  • Sweep the house for any lingering personal belongings that should be removed, such as photographs of family and friends. 
  • Ensure all light bulbs in the house are in working order. Real estate photographers will switch on all lights in the house for a photoshoot to brighten the scene.
  • If there are any visible outdoor items such as hoses or gardening tools, remove them temporarily or ensure they are packed away.
  • Remove any cars on the premises so they do not intrude in pictures and close garage doors. 
  • Clean any spa pools or swimming pools on the property and remove any pool toys from sight.
  • Ensure there are no seasonal decorations for the likes of Christmas or Easter.

Living areas and study

  • If you have shelves, it’s good to have items on them such as books or decorative pieces neatly arranged.
  • Remove any old magazines, mail, or newspapers.
  • If there are any protruding cables, hide these as best as possible. You can purchase cable organisers from local stores such as Mitre 10 or PB Tech.


  • Ensure toilet seats and lids are down.
  • Hang clean, fresh towels neatly from towel racks.
  • Remove items such as shampoo and conditioner bottles from bathtubs and showers
  • Include decorative items on the counter, such as soap dispensers.