Why use an Auckland property manager

Hammond and Co Why use a property manager 2

If you own residential rental properties in Auckland, you need a property manager that offers service surety, consistent returns, and expert advice based on your personal goals and investing philosophy. At Hammond & Co, as your trusted property manager, this is our guarantee to you.

We have extensive experience within the residential property management industry, and we appreciate the intricacies of owning rental property as we are rental property owners ourselves. We understand what exceptional property management looks like and deliver our service to exacting standards.

If you are hiring a property manager for the first time, Hammond & Co ensures an industry-leading experience in all areas of investment property ownership.

Hammond and Co Why use a property manager 2

If you are moving your portfolio to a new property manager in Auckland, we pride ourselves on a service that is unmatched in the market. 

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What can a property manager do for you?

At Hammond & Co, we build strong relationships with our clients based on a foundation of trust. As expert property managers, our services are carefully structured to achieve your personal goals. Through our tailored approach, we are better able to understand and cater to your objectives, attitude to risk, and plans for the future. Our team then uses this understanding to ensure consistent rental returns and deliver timely and client-specific rental property market advice.

As your Auckland property manager, we will assign one of our expert team to be your point of contact for all enquiries.  Responsive and available, we will work to your schedule to service your needs.

We use technology to ensure property management efficiency and effectiveness. This includes the use of a property portal that you will be given access to. Your account will provide up-to-date information on the status of your rental properties and related financial information.

The three other most important areas of our industry-learning service include:

  • Caring for your property
  • Finding the right tenants
  • Achieving a better return on investment

Caring for your property

Entrusting a significant asset like your property to a third party needs to be considered. It is ultimately an act in trust and, at Hammond & Co, we appreciate this. 

The rental return of your property is closely tied to its condition. To maximise returns for our clients, asset protection and maintenance is our top priority.  Our proactive property managers consistently take steps to eliminate risk while implementing preventative and reactive maintenance measures.

Robust tenant vetting is a crucial part of the process. We then carry out regular inspections of rental properties to ensure they are properly cared for.  At Hammond & Co, we’ll look after your property as if it were our own.

When maintenance issues do occur, the Hammond & Co team works with our trusted contractor network to ensure all work is completed to the highest standard.

Finding the right tenants

By finding the right tenants at the start of your tenancy, tenants who align with your values and standards, we ensure peace of mind that your property will be respected and cared for.

Hammond & Co’s property managers and letting agents personally meet all potential tenants for our clients’ properties. Tenants must complete an online application form that captures information to conduct background, credit, and reference checks using industry-leading technology. By executing this rigorous vetting process, we better qualify tenant suitability for your property and ensure the right tenant is placed from the outset – better protecting your asset.

Achieve a better return on your investment

Owning an investment property offers the potential for capital gains through asset appreciation, as well as rental income. To optimise your returns on both fronts, the inherent value of your property needs to be maintained and realised.

At Hammond & Co, we assess and achieve the fair rental value of your property while protecting its worth through proactive maintenance. Our team will navigate the complexities of legal compliance to avoid unnecessary costs, while giving you back the value of your time with our personalised property management service.  

A collective of benefits, at Hammond & Co, we can help you achieve a better return on your investment.

What our property managers can help you with

Our professional property managers provide Hammond & Co clients with expert management and advice across all aspects of the rental property market. As your experienced and trusted advisors, this includes managing tenants and tenancy agreements, property maintenance, legislative adherence, and helping you realise greater returns across your portfolio in the short, medium, and long-term.

Why choose Hammond & Co?

The standards of service we deliver, our commitment to excellence, and our focus on maximising returns mean we are the property management team you can trust. You’ll get a personalised service from a team with a deep understanding of the local market and the rental property industry, creating a partnership dedicated to the success of your property investment portfolio.

At Hammond & Co, our people are more than just property managers

Powered by experience and in-depth industry insights, our rental property consultants are committed to maximising your returns. Get in touch with us at Hammond & Co today.

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