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At Hammond & Co, apartment rentals in Auckland are one of our specialties. We have a large selection of properties on our books, with options to suit all requirements and budgets. 

We have a tried and tested process for letting out apartments to tenants, and we make sure it is as straightforward and efficient as possible. Check out our listings of apartments for rent in Auckland.  When you find an apartment in our listings that you are interested in, click on the link to book a viewing. Or you can contact us directly if you have a query.

If you don’t find a suitable apartment, register for our Property Alerts, specifying apartments as one of your requirements. You’ll then be the first to be notified when new properties become available.

Renting an apartment through Hammond & Co

Whether you are looking for apartments for rent in Auckland Central or greater Auckland, Hammond & Co can help. The properties on our books include everything from luxury apartments in quiet residential areas to studio apartment rentals in bustling parts of the city.

What you will find from many of the apartments that we have available for rent is their sense of community. This is often one of the unique features of apartment living compared to a stand-alone home.

We have both furnished and unfurnished apartment rentals available in Auckland. Whether you are moving to Auckland, downsizing to an apartment, are looking in a specific area, or for any other circumstances, we have an extensive array of properties to suit your needs.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will do everything they can to make your Hammond & Co tenancy a success. We use the latest technologies to ensure our processes are as efficient as possible. This includes an online concierge service for maintenance requests, online booking if you want to view an apartment, and an online application process.

Above all, when you rent an apartment in Auckland through Hammond & Co, you can expect responsive communication, honesty, and full legal compliance meaning warm, comfortable, and healthy living in your new home.

Apartment living made better with Hammond & Co

Renting an apartment in Auckland offers a wide range of benefits. You can often achieve more for your money when you rent an apartment, whether that is living in a more central or sought-after location or getting a property with a higher and more luxurious standard of finish.

You can also benefit from the enhanced security in apartment buildings with cameras and locked main doors that secure access to the entire complex. Other complex-specific amenities that can be available include views, swimming pools, balconies, secure parking, and more.

At Hammond & Co, we’ll help you find the right apartment for your needs. We have detailed listings on our website and we can keep you up-to-date with regular new apartment notifications via our Property Alerts.

Through our extensive experience, we take the hassle and stress out of renting an apartment. This includes securing apartments to rent for corporate clients, individuals, couples, and families. We offer process efficiency through our advanced use of technology, industry expertise, and knowledgeable staff. From viewing an apartment and going through the application process to living in your new home, you can expect professionalism throughout.

Helping you find the right apartment to rent

At Hammond & Co,we pride ourselves in our success in helping tenants find suitable apartments to rent throughout Auckland. Whether you are an individual or a couple, professional or retiree, you can trust us to help you find your ideal apartment to call home.

Here is an overview of our process:

Book a viewing for any apartments that interest you. You can make these bookings directly from our website. Viewings are essential to fully experience the apartment and ensure it is right for you.

Complete your application form. Like booking a viewing, you can do this online.

Our expert team will begin vetting your application. We’ll explain what you can expect, including when you can expect a decision, when the apartment will become available, the bond payment, and initial rents that apply.

The vetting process includes an informal interview and checking your references.

If the vetting process is successful, we’ll complete a tenancy agreement and take the bond and initial rental payments.

You can start planning to move in.

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