Casual Service

At Hammond & Co, we have a range of tailor-made property management services for Auckland property owners. This also includes a casual service for those who wish to manage their own property long-term, but might require some extra help organizing a new tenancy. Let us take on the time-consuming task of finding a trustworthy, long-term tenant for you. 

Hammond and Co Casual Service

Our Casual service agreement covers all of our pre-tenancy management services, from marketing and listing your property through to property viewings, tenant vetting, administration of the tenancy agreement, bond lodgement with Tenancy Services on your behalf, and setting up the initial rent payment. Once your tenant is ready to move in, you take over.

A casual service is ideal for property owners who are time-limited or lack the resources to conduct thorough tenant screening processes to find the best possible tenants.

Hammond and Co Casual Service

What we do for you

Advertising and listings

Our comprehensive marketing strategy for listing and advertising properties utilises:

  • Hammond & Co website
  • Hammond & Co social platforms

Property viewings

Hammond & Co property managers coordinate in-person viewings and ensure potential tenants are able to view a property in its entirety before applying. While some applicants may opt to apply without seeing a property with their own eyes, viewings will safeguard you from dissatisfied tenants when they move in.

Every renter who applies for a property through Hammond & Co can only do so by attending one of our set viewing times and meeting the designated property manager.

Tenant vetting

At Hammond & Co, we pride ourselves on finding trustworthy, long-term tenants for our property owners. This includes meeting all potential tenants before they can apply. Our rigorous vetting process captures a range of background information to help determine the best fit, ensuring the right tenants are placed in the right properties from the get-go.

As an Elite Partner with, Hammond & Co utilises the most up-to-date technology on the market to professionally vet prospective tenants in real time. Our screening process includes:

  • Background checks
  • Employment confirmation
  • References from previous landlords
  • Tenancy Tribunal checks
  • Multi-bureau credit screening
  • Social media and online checks
Hammond and Co Property Management


Via our leading technology platforms, Hammond & Co facilitates and simplifies the tenancy agreement process for both parties in compliance with current legislation (this includes Healthy Homes and Insurance certification).

We arrange the required documentation on your behalf and ensure your tenant is aware of the bond payment process, rent collection, and the type of tenancy they are signing on for.

Bond Lodgement and Owner Handover

Before a tenant moves into your property, Hammond & Co will arrange for their bond to be paid and lodge it on your behalf with Tenancy Services.

Alongside their bond payment, Hammond & Co requires all new tenants to pay their first week rent in advance. This payment is received to Hammond & Co who will then receipt it under the property.  Once all items have been finalised the funds are disbursed to the owner with a statement for your records.

Key Handover & Entry Inspection

Key handover to the tenant and the Entry Inspection is undertaken by the owner.  Should you wish Hammond & Co to facilitate this it is charged outside of the initial Casual Service Charge.

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