Hammond and Co Rental process

From your first property search through to application and ongoing property management, Hammond & Co navigate the challenges of renting a home to offer a tenant experience that is attentive and stress-free.

As part of our efforts to eliminate the unknowns and hassles of finding and renting a property, we have developed a clear rental process and pathway to tenancy.

Guided by our experienced property managers, we provide insightful help and advice at every step to ensure better long-term outcomes for all. Laid out below, our process outlines the responsive service you can expect from our team and our own expectations of you as a Hammond & Co tenant. 

Hammond and Co Rental process

Property discovery and introductions

You can find a wide range of properties available to rent on our website. Whether you need a specific location, size, a property that is fully furnished, or to also home a furry friend, we have options for all requirements and budgets. All property details are included in our listings. We also have new homes coming under management all the time, so register for our property alerts and be the first to be notified.

Scheduled viewing and online rental application

When you find a Hammond & Co home you like, you can book a viewing to see it in person. We will then arrange to make a personal introduction, show you through the property and answer any questions you may have. Then, if you decide the property is right for you, we will provide you with a straightforward online form to make your application easy.

Tenant selection process and acceptance

We will review your application and assess you against key criteria for tenancy suitability. If we think you make a good fit, we will forward your application to the owner of your property of interest for the final decision. If accepted, we will contact you and begin the next steps.

Tenancy agreement and onboarding

Your tenancy agreement will outline important details like the length of your tenancy, when it starts, the bond amount, how much you pay in rent and when, the covered utilities, how you can end your tenancy and the implications of this. We can sit down with you and go through all the details to ensure there are no unknowns. Once you are happy, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement and send this to us.

Ongoing property management with responsive communication and attentive maintenance

Our property managers are always on hand to help, and we can quickly address maintenance issues and repair requests made through our online Tenant Concierge service. With scheduled inspections, we will also proactively remedy anything that needs to be fixed so that you can get the full enjoyment out of your Hammond & Co home.

Move-in day

We will provide you with a set of keys for each person named on the tenancy agreement, so you are all set for move-in day. We will also supply you with a report from the pre-move-in inspection to review and feedback on. If your property has utilities that you are responsible for, make sure to get these organised to operate on the day you move.

Pre-move-in inspection

Before moving in, we will conduct a pre-move-in inspection. Here we will walk through the property and document the condition of the rooms, fixtures and relevant furnishings. By taking photos and noting descriptions, we will create a record to reference during your final inspection. This is a simple yet effective means of keeping both tenant and owner honest and accountable should remedies need to be made. You will receive a copy of this inspection for your reference.

Lease renewal

We will be in touch 28 days prior to your lease expiry to see if you want to renew your lease or vacate the property at the end of the agreement. If you decide to stay on, we will inform you of any updates and implement any changes to your agreement.

Notice and departure

You can vacate your property at the end of your fixed-term agreement. We will establish this with you towards the end of your tenancy. If you are in a periodic tenancy, you must give us a 28 day written notice before the day you intend to leave. Should you wish to end a fixed-term tenancy early, we have options available and can discuss these with you.

In all instances, we will inform you of your responsibilities and may organise to show prospective tenants through the property before your departure.

Final inspection and bond refund

After you have moved out at the end of your tenancy, we will walk through the property and carry out a final inspection and carry out a final inspection to ensure it is in the same condition as when you moved in, outside of fair wear and tear. Should anything need to be fixed, we will organise this between you and the owner. Once everything is done, you will get back your bond.

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